Couples can stay together, thanks to The Bridge.

Ecumen Seasons at Maplewood believes that couples shouldn’t have to live apart if one spouse ends up needing more assistance or care than the other.

That inspired us to create The Bridge, to make sure couples stay together in the same residence.

The emotional health benefits for each spouse (by enabling them to remain in their loving, committed relationship and household) are immeasurable—especially when we provide the care and relieve the independent spouse from all caregiving responsibilities.

What exactly is The Bridge?

The Bridge is unlike traditional Assisted Living, which typically requires spouses with differing needs to live apart in neighborhoods designed for residents of similar ability and health status. The Bridge is more of a lifestyle concept than a neighborhood. The highly personalized care it provides “bridges” the gap between each spouse’s needs right within the couple’s private Seasons at Maplewood home—regardless of the combination of Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care services they require.

Built-in Memory Care and Respite Care.

Daily Respite Care is available for couples where one spouse requires Memory Care but the other spouse does not. It is for couples who benefit from spending portions of their day apart from each other but who still desire to share each other’s companionship in a household together.

To learn more about The Bridge in our dedicated FAQs section, click here.

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